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Who am I?

It was once said to me that ‘identities are not like hats; you can wear more than one at the same time’. Whilst my initial response to this was to see how many hats I could cram onto my head at the same time, it got me thinking: what if all my identities were combined into single, magnificent hat? It would no doubt be a massive sombrero, with pens and flash-drives containing my various papers and articles hanging from the brim, and a motif featuring maple leaves, matzo balls, and rainbows wrapped around the crown. Probably a bunch of other assorted doodads and tchotchkes glued onto it.

I have a tendency to digress into discussions of a great many things, but if you’re bored enough to read a few posts here, you’ll see an underlying theme. Besides my general interest in the topics of terrorism, war, and the philosophy of social science, there are certain approaches that I prefer  – certain sets of chisels that I like to use to sculpt a confusing reality into something coherent and tractable.


This is my personal blog, meaning I will ramble and share half-baked thoughts. For a strictly professional profile, see my webpage:


Oh, here’s a picture of me doing something pedagogical:



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