Said Simon

Inchoate thoughts on my stuff

Your face obtains.

Just a bit of frivolity. Will expand as necessary.

External Realist: Your face obtains. Because it is a thing.

Structural Realist: Your face may or may not obtain, but the relationships between whatever we call your face and the stuff we don’t sure do

Convergent realist: We are getting closer to describing your face. In fact, ‘your face’ now approximately refers.

Positivist: Your face is a coincidence. An awfully face-like coincidence.

Critical Realist: I have inferred through transcendental inference that your obtains. Because of strong emergence. Poof! Viva la Revolucion!

Linguistic Anti-Realist: Your face is a language game. If I tweak your nose, it activates a gestalt switch.

Kuhnian Relativist: Your face obtains for you. But after la Revolucion…

Instrumentalist: Your face is very useful. I can’t say anything more.

Pragmatist: Your face solves all sorts of problems.


Pomo: Ce n’est pas ton visage.


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